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Matt Keane, Mortgage Lending 

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Matt Keane began his career in the mortgage industry in 1996. He is proud to have worked with only three companies over the course of his 22 years in the business. Matt is continually recognized for his high level of production and exceptional customer service. In addition to being a member of the President’s Club at Guaranteed Rate for the past 5 years, Matt has been named a “Top 1% Originator in America” by Mortgage Executive Magazine for years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Matt currently manages Guaranteed Rate’s office in Madison New Jersey. With an insight into the local market and the process of qualifying a loan in these changing times, Matt is sensitive to the different requirements of homebuyers and works to ensure that each mortgage fits his clients long and short term goals.


Matt believes that each client and every business partner should receive the best service possible. That dedication, coupled with experience that includes reliable, hands-on, personalized attention, is how he is able to provide the impressive level of customer service that he’s become infamous for. Matt was raised in West Orange, NJ and attended Seton Hall Preparatory High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Kent State University. Since 1999, Matt has been a member of the Madison Fire Department. Matt and his wife, Anne Marie, have been married for 22 years and together they share four beautiful children; Matt, Jack, Connor and Lily.


Cory Connor, Cory Connor Designs

Interior Design

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Cory Connor Designs focuses on making sure your home brings out the best in you-because that never goes out of style. Your home should instill confidence in you whether you're hosting a party or seeking solitude and should work with your family's lifestyle.  Are you ready to update your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office space?  Cory works with homeowners and business owners to create spaces they've only dreamed about on Pinterest. Old and new, vintage and modern, farmhouse and eclectic-you name it, she has designed it.  Cory is excellent at helping reduce decisions by multiples so that you don't feel overwhelmed or bewildered during the design process.  She ensures you enjoy the process along the way and are thrilled with the result of your new space. Tel:: 973-507-9941  Email::

Wendy Moynihan , Wendy Moynihan Photography 

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Wendy Moynihan specializes in catching the spirit of a person through photography.  Wendy specializes in modern Portrait, Family, Personal Branding and Headshot photography.​   She creates a comfortable quality photography session to bring out the best in a person.  Much effort is taken to provide thoughtfully edited photographs.  ​Wendy is a contributing photographer in Your Child in Pictures the second book in the Amazon best selling series by Me Ra Koh. Serving Chatham, NJ 07928 and nearby NJ, NY & CT areas. Tel: 862-246-6869  

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Hickory Tree Landscaping was established in 1994 by owner Beau Ortman in Chatham, NJ.  At an early age, Beau began his landscaping career at the Farm in Green Village.  Where he was learning nursery stock, plant names and appropriate zones they would thrive in.  Beau has always been eager to learn as much as he could about each individual plant which he would be using in his future award winning landscape designs. At the same time Beau was also eager to learn about all types of masonry.  Whether it was natural stone or paverstone, retaining walls or walkways or steps and driveways he was and still hands-on to insure every job is finished with "a  commitment to quality!"

Hickory Tree Landscaping 

Rocco Coviello & Son Painting,  Jaime Rojas

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