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About Me

Dianne Curry 

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Over the past 17 years, I have had the pleasure of living in three different homes in Chatham, New Jersey.  I moved from New York City to Hoboken, and then in 2004, moved with my husband to Chatham. We loved the proximity to NYC and the small-town personality of the community. 


I have enjoyed building a family here, while taking advantage of the wonderful school system and everything our community has to offer. Each time I moved, I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful real estate professionals and contractors, who have made each move seamless and relatively stress free.  It was during that time in my life, that I recognized how much I enjoyed this process.  I knew that I could leverage my previous professional expertise, to deliver a consistent and exceptional real estate experience. 


Customer service has been a part of my professional life since my very first position in luxury retail, leading product placement for some of the world’s most relevant fashion brands at Bergdorf Goodman, Hermes, and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Having founded Lucy’s, Hoboken’s first luxury contemporary boutique in 2001, I was able to further sharpen my understanding of matching customer desires with product that best fits their needs.  Similarly, in real estate, I enjoy creating relationships with my clients, so that I can present homes and neighborhoods to suit each family’s particular lifestyle.  Because of my 20-year tenure in the luxury market, I am able to provide my clients with a highly professional, unique, and personalized consumer experience.  


At The Curry Group, we are vested in your happiness well beyond the closing of a transaction.  Once you are in your new home, we help you acclimate to your community by providing you with all of our expertise and resources to create a seamless transition.  We know that real estate is a business that is built on trust, integrity, and loyalty, and our passion is to help you find your perfect home. 


My value...

I am honest, loyal, and most importantly,

patient.  My goal is to provide you the

knowledge and

tools you need in

order to make one of the

most important decisions of your life

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